How To Know If You Are A Candidate

As with any medical procedure not everyone is eligible for dental implants. However, the only way you are going to know this is by having a consultation with your dentist. Make sure that you find a dentist who is trained in dealing with crowns, dental surgery, and implants. They will do a thorough oral examination and evaluate your medical history.

There are certain medical conditions that can prevent you from having the implants that you desperately want. Many of these include active diabetes, cancer, and periodontal disease. These will weaken the body and therefore make it more difficult for the implants to be inserted and to stay in with no problems to the patient.

Adolescents are usually not candidates for any type of dental implants. The implants are used to replace any teeth that might be missing. Because of this the dentist will wish to wait till the patient has passed adolescence in order to make sure that the bone will not grow back.

Because this is a complex procedure it means that there are many things that can go wrong. The surrounding teeth need to be in good condition to make the process easier and safer. The dentists will therefore check the bone density and how much of it the patient has. There are some people who have bone loss caused by periodontal disease. Because of this they may not be a candidate for implants.

People who smoke or take immuno-suppressant have less chance of becoming a candidate for dental implants. Also you need to make sure that you will be in the area for quite some time. This will make sure that your dentist can keep an eye on how you are recovering and fix any potential problems.

Make sure that the dentist you want is the one to approve you. Each one is different and the things that they do can also be different. Because of this you may have one that says you are a candidate while the other feels that it would be too risky or nearly impossible. If you are not satisifed with one answer you may be able to get different opinions.