Importance Of Dental Implants

There are some people who are missing teeth – but do not care to go through the procedure of obtaining dental implants to replace them. This is a personal choice – but for many it will prove to work against them. There are many reasons why people should replace those teeth if they hope to help the look and health of the rest of their mouth.

When a tooth is missing it can hurt your overall oral and medical health. People who have missing teeth are usually considered to be old because this is something that is likely to happen. However, there are times when the teeth will fall out do to accidents – but it does not decrease the look of old age.

In some cases it can make you appear even older then you really are. When you replace these teeth you can improve the look of your smile and the way that you look in your face. This in turn will improve your self-esteem and drive you to take good care of your teeth in the future.

When there is a gap between teeth it will dramatically affect the way that your jaw is able to close. This causes the other teeth to tilt in order to fill those gaps. This will cause what is known as the opposing teeth to ‘hyper erupt’ and also move into the other open gaps that have popped up. This will increase your risk for TMJ. Also you will find that every time you eat or bite into something food will become stuck inside of it. This will increase your chances of tooth decay as well as gum disease.

Once the tooth has fallen out (no matter what the reason) the bone that supported it will immediately begin to deteriorate in a process commonly known as resorption. The longer you wait to replace it the more bone loss will occur. It will spread to the other teeth and decrease your chances of being able to use dental implants. It will also cause your other teeth to become sensitive. Over time you will no longer be able to chew hard foods – but will have to be on a diet of smashed and liquefied foods.