What To Expect

There are three people who help to make dental implant treatment come true; you, your dentists, and your periodontist. All three of you will work together to determine what the problem is, what implant should be used, and how to make it happen. The treatment plans available to patient’s considering dental implants will vary on the problem they have and the implants they wish to use.

Single Tooth Treatment

If you are just needing to replace one tooth then obviously you will only need to use one implant and a crown. The implant used will help to replace the natural tooth that is issing and its roots.

Multiple Tooth Treatment

Those who are missing many teeth will need to use implants that are supported by bridges. These dental implants will work to replace the teeth that are missing as well as a few of their roots.

Full Mouth Treatment

There are some patients who are missing or about to be missing all of their teeth. This is one of the more complicated procedures and required the use of a full bridge or full denture implant. These implants will work to replace all of the teeth in your mouth and a few of the roots.

Sinus Augmentation

One of the most important things that you have to consider when it comes to implants is the quality and also the quantity of the bones contained within the mouth where the missing teeth are. The upper portion of the back jaw is one of the more difficult areas to place them because there is usually not enough bone so close to the sinus. Sinus augmentation is used to fix this problem. During the procedure the sinus floor will be raised and develop bone for the implants.

Ridge Modification

There are some people whose upper or lower jaw is deformed and this can cause the amount of the bone to be less then normal. In order to fix this problem the gum will be raised from the ridge to show the defect in the bone. This procedure helps to improve the look of the implants.